Exhibition Guide 2024

Welcome to the Water New Zealand Conference & Expo 2024 Exhibitor Guide.

Please bookmark this page and pass it on to your staff or contractors working on your stand at this event or any contractors you are working with who will find this key information useful.

If you have any questions regarding this upcoming expo please e-mail James Austin at james@avenues.co.nz 


Please note the following important dates:



Tuesday, 24 September – 11:00am – 5:00pm.

You must be wearing a High-Vis at all times during pack in and pack out.  These can be purchased from The Warehouse, Bunnings, Mitre10 to name a few.

You are not allowed to nail, screw, staple, put pins or holes into any wall, door, window or other parts of the building. Gaffer tape, double sided tape, velcro dots or other adhesives are not to be used on any walls. A penalty charge will apply to the event’s account for any damage caused.

Stands must be fully packed in by 5:00pm, Tuesday, 24 September in order for the President’s Shout for Exhibitors to take place in the Exhibition area from 4:30pm – 5:30pm. 

Please note that during the pack-in time, no catering will be provided for exhibitors. External food can be brought on-site but please do not leave rubbish.

Access for pack-in and exhibition build days is normally via Gate 4 or Gate 6, Brooklyn Road. Check with your Exhibition Organiser for pack-in parking information specific to your event. Please note access via Gate 6 is for approved access only and is attended by security.

Claudelands has a forklift and licensed operators on site and available for use. Please ensure you use the delivery label and highlight your stand number and they will deliver to your stand.

Claudelands has different sizes of trolleys and pallet jacks available. Anyone packing in from the loading Dockway is welcome to use these if available. Trolleys and pallet jacks with loaded equipment must be removed and returned as soon as possible to the Dockway as these are high demand during pack in/pack out.


  • Deliveries can be made via Gate 4 from 9:00am Monday, 23 September. No deliveries will be accepted before then
  • Pack out – all stands and equipment must be picked up and removed from the venue by 3.00pm Friday, 27 September.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual exhibitor to arrange the freight of all material to and from the venue, incurring all relevant charges.
  • All items must be labeled correctly.
  • Deliveries should be loaded/unloaded then the vehicle removed as quickly as possible to avoid delays and inconvenience. Trolleys will be available to assist you with loading/unloading.
  • At the conclusion of your event please ensure that all items for pick up are carefully packed, and have return consignment notes attached.  Please ensure that you have arranged a courier to pick up your freight and have provided them with relevant delivery and contact details.
  • Consignments are to be picked up between 9:00am- 3.00pm Friday, 27 September. The venue is closed on Saturday/Sunday

There is limited storage available at Claudelands to store your boxes/crates/pallets during the expo. Please label these clearly.

Any items left behind must be collected within 24 hours of the end of the hire period. Claudelands takes no responsibility for goods left on the premises after this time.


All attendees are expected to comply in all respect to the requirements of the Health & Safety Acts including but not limited to:

  • Always following safety instructions from Claudelands staff.
  • Fire egress routes must be kept clear at all times. It is illegal to block emergency exits and the access route to an emergency exit.
  • You must not obscure or cover emergency exit signs or store equipment in the fire staircase.
  • All fire call points must be kept clear.

We ask that throughout pack in, the event and pack out you are practicing responsible health and safety procedures.

Please alert any member of the Avenues staff should you see or experience any risks or accidents while at the venue. Avenues take health & safety matters seriously.

All electrical gear must be PAT tested and tagged, and all electrical cords must be taped down. If tag and testing is required onsite, that service can be ordered with a local supplier price will be determined as per request. If equipment is not tagged the venue will require the item to be tagged before it is plugged into their power.

You must be wearing a High-Vis at all times during pack in and pack out.  These can be purchased from The Warehouse, Bunnings, Mitre10 to name a few.


Friday, 27 September Dismantle Expo from 12:00pm 

  • All packages to be collected must be correctly labelled.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for organising for their packages to be collected within one working day from the Dockway, or they may be charged.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for providing the correct documentation for any packages which need to be shipped internationally.


  • All boxes, to be disposed of, must be broken down by the exhibitor.
  • Any plastic rubbish must be placed in the general waste bins provided in the room on pack in and pack out day.
  • Empty pallets, to be disposed of, must be moved back to the Dockway.

All exhibits must remain intact until the specified date and time for dismantling and may not be dismantled or removed before that hour. If any exhibitor dismantles before the midday, a $2,000 fine will be imposed on their company.


It is free to visit the exhibition, visitors will need to pre-register or sign in on arrival. The expo opening hours will be released closer to the event, along with a digital flyer you can pass on to your clients.



  • NO coffee cups or coffee-related products to be handed out on exhibition stands
  • Reusable bottles are preferred over giving away single-use bottles
  • Promotional floorwalkers are not permitted
  • Please note that you cannot provide separate catering or food giveaways without prior permission from Avenues Event Management.


Nametags must be worn at all times to gain admittance to the exhibition area during this event.

Security will deny entry to these areas to anyone not wearing a nametag. All visitors to the Conference need to collect a visitor nametag from the registration desk on arrival.

Exhibitor nametags are not required during pack in and pack out.

All rigging, including banner hanging is to be done by the Claudelands Team. To arrange Banner Hanging or if you have special rigging requirements, please submit a hanging order form for approval, at least ten business days prior to the event.

If you require rigging please contact james@avenues.co.nz and he will put you in touch with Claudelands staff who can assist and quote you.


Click here to view the expo floorplan


Height Unrestricted Stands 2.4m x 2.4m.
Height Unrestricted Stands 3 x 3m.
Height Restricted Stands 2m x 1.5m.


Unrestricted Height Stands: No part of any display may be in excess of 3.6 metres in height without written approval from Avenues Event Management. All wall heights are 2.3m.

All stands must adhere to the size you have purchased.  This means no pull-up banners, signage, or machinery placed in front of your stand.


  • Carpeted floor space (venue flooring)
  • Walls carpeted, Velcro-receptive fabric on all sides (walls 2.3m high)
  • 2 x 150-watt spotlights (per stand)
  • 1 x 10amp power 4-way multi-box (per stand)
  • 1 x stand name sign
  • 2 x complimentary stand personnel registrations including lunch, morning and afternoon tea, and President’s Shout on Tuesday, 24 September
  • 2 x complimentary tickets (per stand) to the Welcome Reception (to be held in the Expo area) on Wednesday, 25 September.
  • A complimentary 75-word company profile and company logo in the Conference App.
  • Two Complimentary Stand Personnel Registrations per stand you have booked. (Any additional stand personnel registrations can be purchased at $368.00 including GST)

Please note: Stand personnel registrations do not include tickets to the Conference Dinner. However, these can be added through the stand personnel registration portal.

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Claudelands, Gate 4 Brooklyn Road, Claudelands, Hamilton.

The limited spaces available for outdoor exhibiting have SOLD OUT, to go on waitlist, email James Austin at waternz@avenues.co.nz


Claudelands has on-site parking for exhibitors and delegates. Car parking for exhibitors is free of charge before and during the event.

There will be WIFI available on site and details will be provided closer to the time.

Hardwire internet is also available on site and is quoted upon
specification. If you require hardwired internet for your stand, please contact, james@avenues.co.nz


James Austin – Avenues Event Management
Phone +64 4 473 8044
Email james@avenues.co.nz

Stephanie Grant
Phone  +61 21 827766

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