Water New Zealand Conference & Expo – Doing our part

The Water New Zealand Conference & Expo is an event that calls on the sector to create a more sustainable water future, so it is important as an event we are also striving to create a more sustainable conference each year.

Our sustainability initiatives:

Using less: We have changed our design concept to adopt consistent branding across years to enable us to reduce the number of new consumables purchased. For example, we now recycle lanyards and provide a dedicated recycling bin at the registration desk.

We have limited the number of satchels created for the past few years to ensure we only produce what we need. They can also be used as a great reusable shopping bag. We have also removed satchel inserts as a sponsorship opportunity to reduce single-use waste.

Waste and recycling: Throughout the venue, our delegates will see several recycling bin options including food waste to help divert rubbish from landfills.

We have removed the use of single-use coffee cups and only use crockery and keep cups at our coffee stands to reduce waste.

Sustainable travel: We provide conference buses from accommodation to the venue to encourage delegates to help cut down the event’s carbon footprint.

Sustainable goods and services: Our menu is developed with the caterers to source as many local products as possible. We work to find the right balance between plant-based options and catering to different dietary requirements and preferences.

We know that there is more that we can do and are always looking for more ways to reduce our impact. If you have any ideas, please contact Lesley at:

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