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About the Water New Zealand Conference & Expo

The Water New Zealand Conference & Expo is now the biggest event on the three waters calendar. Since the conference began in 1958, it has grown to a comprehensive three-day conference programme and the largest water exhibition in New Zealand.

The Water New Zealand Conference & Expo provides an environment for knowledge sharing ako. As an industry it enables us to work together to help resolve shared water challenges, with the aim of realising our common goal of a water wise world.

Our conference also provides the opportunity for people and organisations working in the water industry to connect and collaborate, helping form Whanaungatanga within the industry.  

We believe that water is our greatest resource, and that we need to protect it for us, our children and future generations Mō tā tou, ā mō kā uri a muri ake. That is why the Water New Zealand Conference & Expo puts innovative transformation at the heart of its programme, so we can address how a sustainable water future can be delivered in 2024 and beyond.

Unaunahi/Ritorito –  this particular form of Pakati is commonly seen within traditional carvings. Usually linking to Tangaroa, the unaunahi are literal depictions of the fish scales but also represent the ripples of the water. It ties into the ripples of the water, and what we do today and how we treat our environment today can impact the next generation and the generation after. Change can be both positive and negative but it’s about learning what works and what doesn’t so we can make the necessary changes for the future.

Koru/Pitau –  The koru ties into the above narrative and the growth and development of not only Water New Zealand but the whole of Aotearoa, New Zealand as we grow together in this space.

This has been created/narrated in collaboration with Ariki Creative.

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