Preconference Wastewater Workshop (Half day – PM)

Tuesday 17 September 1.30-5.30pm

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Wastewater – Addressing Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Quality of Life –Technology Approaches from a Global Perspective

Facilitator:  Dr Art Umble – Stantec USA

This workshop will focus on four of the “hot topics” facing the NZ Wastewater Sector, each of which has a strong tie to the Government’s Freshwater Programme and Three Waters Reform Global approaches and technologies will be presented that are likely to be appropriate in the NZ environment.

Nutrient Removal

How do we develop nutrient removal processes from existing treatment plants?

This workshop will traverse conventions in nitrogen and biological phosphorus removal plant configurations and coupling this with retrofitting existing plants for biological nutrient removal.  Case study plants in Florida and Colorado will be used to highlight how real-world problems are being solved.  The topic focus will be most relevant to the increasing pressure in NZ for higher degree of nitrogen and phosphorus removal for discharges to freshwater.

Intensification in Wastewater Systems

 Achieving higher performance with smaller footprints and reduced energy consumption.

This is a critically important area of wastewater management in the USA, particularly where existing plants must meet higher standards, as these approaches are applicable to retrofits.  Intensification has considerable relevance to our NZ scene as more efficient, sustainable and higher performance systems are required.

Strategies for the Treatment of Wet Weather Flows: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

In NZ wet weather flows and associated overflows are of increasing focus in our networks and our treatment systems.

This addresses the challenge of having a reliable set of operational avenues to meet the high variability of hydraulic and organic load conditions during wet weather.  Technologies to address this challenge will be covered. Overflows are a focus topic in the Department of Internal Affairs Three Waters Reform.

Constituents of Emerging Concern (CEC’s)

What are they, what can we do about them and how effective are our treatment systems at removing them?

This is a very topical subject in NZ as evidenced by the attention it is receiving in recent wastewater discharge consents.  In their recent Three Waters Reform announcement the Department of Internal Affairs has proposed that the central regulator will:

“Identify and monitor emerging contaminants in drinking water, wastewater and stormwater, and to co-ordinate national-level policy responses both regulatory and non-regulatory”.