Preconference Regulation Workshop (Full day 10am-4pm)

Water New Zealand Pre-Conference Workshop
Tuesday 17 September, 10am – 4pm


Water Sector Regulation – What You Need To Know

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Welcome by Water New Zealand

New Water Sector Regulator
The Government has committed to establishing a new drinking water regulator, but what decisions have been made, what will it do, what are the timeframes, what does it mean for water suppliers and when will it be up and running?

Presentation by Department of Internal Affairs

Wastewater Regulation

Should the new drinking water regulator also be a wastewater regulator? What would it regulate and how? What is Government thinking on this question, what decisions have been made and when can we expect to find out more?

Presentation by Department of Internal Affairs

What to expect from Regulation

Hear what the regulation journey has been like for Australia, both from an industry and a personal perspective. The New Zealand electricity industry went through an interesting regulatory change a while ago, what was the effect? What can be learnt from that experience?

Australia: Stuart Wilson, WSAA & Nicole Davis, Mackay Regional Council
NZ Electricity Sector: Michelle Allfrey, WEL Networks

Panel discussion – the above speakers discuss further the ideas presented and open up to questions from the floor.


Changes to the Health Act and Standards

Changes to the drinking water standards were introduced earlier this year and drinking water amendments to the Health Act are imminent. What are those changes and what do they mean for water suppliers.

Presentation by Ministry of Health

Total Coliforms

Total coliforms have been used as indicators of water quality for over a century and remain a regulated parameter in many countries around the world. New Zealand has recently reintroduced a requirement to test for total coliforms as part of DWSNZ. This requirement has caused some confusion around the significance of finding total coliforms in drinking water, so why should water suppliers test for total coliforms, what do they tell us and how should we use the information that testing provides to us?

Prof. Colin Fricker, CRF Consulting-United Kingdom & Iain Rabbitts, Lutra

Short afternoon tea break

Have we got Water Safety Planning right?

How are our views about the nature and structure of WSPs changing and are there better ways to develop and implement them. Dan Deere has international experience of different approaches to WSPS and will present a ‘community of practice’ summary show casing some alternative approaches.

The 10 components of the new MOH WSP framework reflect the 12 elements in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. How could the components work in practice? Carly Price looks at good examples (and bad) of what is done by water suppliers in regional Australia.

Dr Dan Deere, Water Futures Pty-Australia & Carly Price, The Questioning Engineer

Wrap up and finish

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