Hynds Paper of the Year Award


Proudly Supporting Hynds Paper of the Year Award

The Paper of the Year Award recognises the best technical paper submitted for the Water New Zealand Conference.

Each eligible paper is marked against following five criteria:

  • Technical content – is the technical content sound, does it have sufficient substance and does it increase available knowledge?
  • Practical content – does it have practical application?
  • Future use – can it be used to assist future work?
  • Clarity and logic of the written presentation.
  • Originality – is there something new that is innovative?


All papers submitted within required timescales for the Conference are eligible for the Award, with the exception of those of which are from invited speakers.

Papers will not be eligible for prizes if they have been substantially published or presented at regional or national conferences worldwide.

The gold (winner) and silver (runner-up) paper awards are presented at the Downer Conference Dinner and Awards.


The Gold Award winner receives a Trophy and a Mystery Weekend, plus a Framed Certificate. The Silver Award winner receives a cash prize and a framed certificate.


Water New Zealand thanks Hynds for its generous sponsorship of this award since 2002.

Special Thanks

Water New Zealand thanks the Conference Technical Committee for its commitment and dedication in marking the papers.

Awards presented at the Downer Conference Dinner and Awards on Thursday, 21 September 2017.

The judges reserve the right to not offer the award depending on the quality of entries.  The judges’ decision will be final.