Operations Challenge 2017

The Operations Challenge is a new addition to the Water New Zealand Conference & Expo in 2017 which will practice and test pre-entered teams of industry professionals in identified relevant activities.

The aims of the Operations Challenge are:

  • To promote the water industry in a positive light
  • To promote and encourage teamwork and collaboration between technical professions
  • To garner further interest and support for future events

Note: This is an operations challenge designed to promote teamwork and participation as typically utilised in the water sector– not an ‘operators’ challenge 


The Activities

Teams will be tested over the below three activities:

  • A health and safety practical challenge (confined space entry problem)
  • A water transfer problem (theoretical calculation and application of design, including sampling)
  • A treatment process challenge (manipulate an on-line process to achieve desired quality criteria)

Teams will be judged throughout each activity and given general feedback on completion of each. Scores will not be revealed until the final activity has been completed by all teams.

More information will be available teams once registered.


How to Register

Teams will have three individuals (ideally a ‘cross-section’ of technical staff from within a water industry organisation, sector, or collaboration) and may be from different employers or parts of an organisation. Teams shall identify a team name.

Teams shall identify a team name when registering and all team members must have a valid Conference Registration to participate. Registration for the Operations Challenge is free!

Register for the Conference & Expo here